When you sign up for the Merit Autospa Rewards Program,

you will start earning points on every eligible purchase you make.*

Earn 1 point for every $1 spent.
1 point = $0.05 discount on a future purchase.*

Points are redeemable after accruing 50 points or more, for a discount on any purchase at Merit Autospa. This includes purchases from The Market, The Cafe, Meritaco, or any auto care service.

Sign up for the
Merit Autospa
Rewards Program
online or on site.

Earn points with
every eligible purchase.

Earn enough points
to redeem your

*Merit Autospa Rewards Program is offered through Toast, Inc. View the program Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
* Not all purchases are eligible to earn rewards points. See program FAQs.

Signing Up

Signing up for savings couldn’t be easier! Sign Up Now and connect your account to your credit card
the next time you make a purchase at Merit Autospa. Or, if you prefer, you can sign up and connect
all at the same time from Merit Autospa’s checkout counter, in-store kiosks, online ordering service,
or digital receipts.

Earning Points

Earn points automatically every time you shop with a linked credit card or gift card at Merit autospa.

Redeeming Points

Reward points can be redeemed while checking out after connecting to a loyalty account. Your discount reward can be easily applied to your purchase after earning 50 points or more.

Checking Your Rewards Balance

Log in to Your Rewards account using your email or phone #. From your rewards page, you can check
your point balance; review ways to earn and redeem points; view your associated credit cards and
recent account activity; and access your account QR code.

Birthday Bonus!

We will help you celebrate. Sign up for our Birthday Bonus (part of the standard rewards signup), and
we will add a $5 bonus to your account during your birthday month. A single $5 discount will be automatically applied to any purchase that you make at Merit Autospa during that month. We will notify
you when your surprise is waiting for you in store.

Rewards = Happiness